Writing and Printing Paper
Wrapping Kraft


PT. Adiprima Suraprinta primarily produce “Newsprint Paper” and “Writing and Printing Paper“. Our paper machines were imported from Europe in which we have annual capacity about 130.000 tonnes ( from total of 2 machines ), comprising 110.000 tonnes of Newsprint Paper and the rest 20.000 tonnes of Writing and Printing Paper.

We always aims to be a quality and customer’s satisfaction oriented paper manufacturer. The company continuously puts significant resources into implementing advanced technology and improving product quality. Here, we always think human resources as one of our critical success factors. Therefore, we never hesitate to improve on our human resources development. In order to improve human resources, we arrange different kinds of internal and external training programmes. All of our staff and workers always have opportunities to develop and continuously leverage on their abilities.


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Our experts can help you develop your marketing strategy and integrate it into your advertising campaign.


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Founded in 1994, PT Adiprima Suraprinta was started to fulfill the newsprint demand of its parent company, PT Jawa Pos (which is now the second largest newspaper publishing company in Indonesia) The first machine, PM 1 began its commercial production in 1995 with a capacity of 150 MTS/day.



Newsprint paper is made of 100% recycle paper.


HVS Ninja 86% 50 58 60 70 80 100 gsm


Wrapping Kraft 65 68 70 80 gsm


Operation Machine

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KEBIJAKAN MUTU Kami adalah produsen kertas berkualitas tinggi dengan konsep memberikan solusi melalui teknologi yang inovatif dan efisien. Sasaran Mutu kami adalah meningkatkan profit, memenuhi kepuasan customer, operasional yang produktif & efisien serta mengembangkan SDM. Komitmen Kami adalah selalu meningkatkan sistem manajemen mutu, kualitas produk, proses, dan SDM secara berkelanjutan untuk memenuhi persyaratan yang berlaku serta memenuhi kepuasan pelanggan.


Menjadi perusahaan manufaktur kertas yang ramah lingkungan dan memberikan kontribusi terbesar kepada pemangku kepentingan dan lingkungan sekitarnya.


Melakukan proses manufaktur yang efisien, ramah lingkungan dan berkelanjutan serta bertanggung jawab bagi semua pemangku kepentingan.

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